Cinematographer; Experience from 3 years at University and 4 years of creating YouTube video as a hobby, as well as voluntary work experience.

Video Editor; Experience from 3 years at University and 4 years of creating YouTube video as a hobby, as well as voluntary work experience.

Photographer/Editor; Experience from 3 years at University, 1 year Photography course at college, 1 year of writing a blog and taking photographs to post on there (here) as a hobby.

Equipment; Experienced shooting with DSLR’s, I own a Canon 80D, Canon G7X MII, GoPro Hero4, Shoulder-Rig, Steadi-Cam various lenses and equipment available to use from my University.


Online Portfolio – (Macro Photography)

College & University Work – (www.flickr.com)

More of my Photography is shown throughout my blog posts:

London Zoo Adventures!

Film Production

Show Reel 2016 – (Montage/Video Portfolio)

Pre-production blog // Work behind the scenes (BTS Link)


Freelance Work | Moteefe T-Shirt Company | March 2017 Onwards;

– My work can be found online at Moteefe’s newly launched website – www.moteefe.com

Edited & Animated/Motion Graphics – “Teaser Videos 1, 2, 3 & 4” (Moteefe; Video One, Two, Three & Four)

Edited & Animated/Motion Graphics – “Products Tutorial” (Moteefe’s YouTube Channel)

Edited & Animated/Motion Graphics – “Pricing Tutorial” (Moteefe’s YouTube Channel)

Edited & Animated/Motion Graphics – “Platform Tutorial” (Moteefe’s YouTube Channel)

Edited, Captured Screen & Narration – “Brexit Campaign video” – (Moteefe’s YouTube Channel)



Directed, Filmed & Edited – “DonaLoveHair Review” (YouTube Video)

Set Designer – “Thief” (Student Film) (still in edit)

Producer & Set/Prop Designer – “HUNTER” (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Topshop Fashion Lookbook” (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Hair Colour Tutorial” (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Shoe Collection” (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “DIY Tshirt Tutorial” (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Fashion Lookbook” (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Hair Dye Tutorial” (YouTube Video)

Editor, Voice Over Recorder – “Brexit Campaign Video” (Moteefe Company)

3rd Assistant Director – “Auditionless” Short’ (Student Film)

1st Assistant Director – “Out Of Element” Short’ (Student Film)

Director, Editor & Production Designer – “Psychic” Short Film (Uni Project)


Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Christmas 2016” Montage (YouTube Video)

AC / Runner – “Mannequin” Documentary (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Autumn” Montage (YouTube Video)

DOP / Editor – “Once A Year” Short Film (Uni Project)

Producer / Editor – “State Of Flux” Music Video (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “SOUFEEL Jewellery” Product Review (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Portugal 2016” Montage (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “France 2016” Montage (YouTube Video)

Producer / AC / Editor – “Please, Don’t Stay” Short Film (Uni Project) (BTS)

Director / DOP – “#MondayMotivation” A Vidsy Advert for Carphone Warehouse (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “#FridayFelling” A Vidsy Advert for Carphone Warehouse (Uni Project)

DOP / Editor VFX – “Reverie” Adaptation of a Poem (Uni Project / Behind The Scenes)

Directed / Edited – “Right On Time” Short Film (Uni Project) (BTS)

DOP / Editor – “Summer In Tokyo” By Takahiro Kido Rust, Music Video for LandscapeTV (Uni Project)

DOP / Editor – “CAPUT” Short film (Uni Project) (BTS)


Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Belgium 2015” Montage (YouTube Video)

Runner – “Brother & Sister” By Jolly & The Lightweight, Music Video (OMAE Entertainment)

Runner – “Hungers Gift” Short Film (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “I Am Only Human” Short Film (Uni Project)

Director / DOP / Editor – “Appearance” Documentary (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “The Number 23” By Joel SchumacherTitle Sequence Recreation (Uni Project)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Heroes” By Tim Kring, Title Sequence Recreation (Uni Project)

Cinematographer / AC – “Handle” Addiction Helpline/Advert (Uni Project)


Directed, Filmed & Edited – “VP Fashion Hair Extensions” Product Review (YouTube Video)

Directed, Filmed & Edited – “Pin-Up-Plugs Collection” Product Review (YouTube Video)

Related Work/Voluntary Experience


  • T-shirt producing company, I worked as their freelance video editor.
  • Creating 3 – 5min promotional videos for their website which included: Informative and tutorial based videos as well as short adverts as Teasers of their new website launch September 4th 2017.
  • Creating animated effects within Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.


  • Runner for feature film, 3rd year students final piece.
  • Helped out on set for 2 days from 9am to 11pm.
  • Assisted in general tea and coffee, moving chairs anything that needed doing
  • Sparking for lights
  • Filled in as 2nd AC for a small duration of the shoot on one of the days.

Link to “Unreality” trailer – https://vimeo.com/168495265 


  • Part of a voluntary team created by Curtis Lewis and organised from within Ravensbourne University.
  • I assist in camera/film and photography crew and other help if needed.
  • “OMAE Entertainment is an up and coming company that features original media content such as film, music, events and talent. The aim is to give those without a platform to stand on a chance to promote themselves and what they can really do. While in return promote our growing company too.”


  • Alongside my YouTube channel and Blog I have a more “Work based” website called ‘Capture This Journey’ which contains all of my Film and Photography work which is also connected with my University coursework.


Created in December 2012, I made a YouTube channel based on Hair, Fashion and Lifestyle with a following of over 7k subscribers. I am partnered with a company called Style Haul as they are a fashion related platform, based in Los Angeles. They contacted me in 2013 and shortly after I was partnered with them, although just recently I ended the contract on the 5th October to become partnered with a UK company called Ritual Network.

I go by the name “Emilia Jayne”. Recently I changed the name as I used to be known as “Madlilgurl14” online, now it is something easier to read and remember, currently my YouTube channel and blog is called “EmiliaJayne”. I have been writing various blogs for the past 3 years, one personal and one for education, the newest one below is what you are viewing currently!
The link to my YouTube platform here – www.youtube.com/madlilgurl14 
The link to my Blog here – https://emiliajayne.wordpress.com 

Computer Skills

  • Adobe CC – Including Premiere Pro CC // Photoshop // After Effects // Illustrator
  • DaVinci Resolve 12 (Basic)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Paint.Net
  • Corel Video Studio Pro X6
  • PC // Apple Mac

Online Skills

  • BLOGGER via- Blogspot (3 Years Exp.)   //   WordPress (1 year Exp)
  • YouTube // Instagram // Facebook // Snapchat // Tumblr // Twitter   (4 Years Exp.)
  • Social networking Apps via Android phone.



Digital Film Production (BA Hons) | Sept 2015 – 2018
Media Production (Foundation Diploma) | Sept 2014 – May 2015 | Grade: PASS


Art & Design (BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma) | July 2012- 2014 | Grade: D*D*D


-Notable Credits-

“I’m creative, I’m colourful. I produce content for the online world from YouTube Videos to Films, Blogging & Photography!”

“Emily was fantastic! She came across as articulate, creative, demonstrated motivation and commercial acumen. She completed her GCSE’s, then went on to complete her Foundation Diploma in Media Production. She has also completed a BTEC level 3 extended Diploma in Art & Design. She began a degree in Digital Film Production and is currently in her second year, Emily enjoys all things creative. She is passionate about painting, photography, blogging and creating videos and tutorials for her YouTube channel. She writes a lifestyle blog which complements her YouTube channel where she creates videos on beauty, fashion, DIY, travel and lifestyle. She enjoys creating and editing short films and has a personal website where she uploads them. She uses social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to link to her website and YouTube Channel. Emily creates all of her own content, edits and manages follower responses. She partnered with a Los Angeles based company called Style Haul back in 2013 for her channel which can be viewed under the name EmiliaJayne.

Emily is proficient in Adobe Cloud, Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop and After Effects. She has used Blogger for her blog and now uses WordPress.”

– Quoted by www.wearedigitalfutures.co.uk