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Hey Peaches! Today I shall be writing up yet another review of my University course as I feel this may help some people that are curious about Uni and it might be nice for me, as it’s something I can look back on in the future.

For a full review of Term 1 [Click here]

This post will consist of my thoughts and experiences during the 2nd term back at University! I study Digital Film Production and I am currently in my second year. Side note – I shall warn you that my opinion regarding my course may sound a little bitter as personally I feel it isn’t quite what I expected although I am persevering with it nonetheless to simply sustain my degree, now that that’s out the way lets crack on!

For my first day back after Christmas (8th Jan) it was all bit of a rush and everyone was given the new brief to start off the project. This project is called “Contemporary Directing & Production Management” aka the Directors/Producers Unit, as my class has around 180 students we’re split into 2 groups (A & B) as I am in group A I shall be Directing but group B are Producing, in the 3rd and final term these roles will be switch around so therefore in term 3 I shall be Producing. Myself and Producer (from group B) had already begun planning an idea and script out, I also learnt that we would only be making one film for this project but of course there are other things to include either side of it. Oh and before I forget there’s also Unit 2 which we wasn’t informed about until a day later, this one is called “Emerging Film Technologies and Applications” aka I still have no idea.

❋ Second Term // Unit 1a – Contemporary Directing & Production Management; Film 1, Visualisation Portfolio + Critical Reflection Essay

We have until the 16th March to complete and submit Film 1 as well as including the Visualisation Documents. As this term is connected with term 3 I do not need to submit the Critical Reflection Essay till 1st June.

Third Term // Unit 1b – Contemporary Directing & Production Management; Film 2, Planning Portfolio + Critical Reflection Essay

We have until the 1st June to complete and submit Film 2 as well as including the Planning Documents and Critical Reflection Essay. For a full review of Term 3 [Click here] (soon to come!!)

Unit 2 – Emerging Film Technologies and Applications; Prototype Portfolio, Individual Research Submission + 10min Presentation. Due 23rd March 2017

p.s, I hate presentations…

Each of these modules count towards your final grade, although it doesn’t amount to the official degree grade as our work is only counted for in the third year – Basically first and second year is just a portfolio build up and you gain grades but they aren’t relevant to the final outcome.

          "learn from your mistakes and you will grow."
             Be Creative. Be Extraordinary. Be You. 

Quote by – Emilia Jayne

  • Film 1  –    Psychic                                      Grade:  B –

The experience I gained from Directing my very first film, I will never forget but oddly enough I must say that I never want to direct a film like that again. It’s simply just not for me but of course I learnt so much from it, at the beginning everything was going very smoothly as myself and Producer had planned everything out so well but of course something sadly went wrong and it was due to another crew member not playing their part on the film and I had to pick up the pieces. This is of course normal in work and every day life you just have to get on with it but it did cause a major problem with my film and therefore resulting in a piece of work which I am not 100% happy with – One day I would like to go back in and fix it if it can be saved. Other than that the learning process was what worth it all.

  • Visualisation Portfolio

I thoroughly enjoyed making this portfolio as it was basically a huge book for planning and the creation process that took place to create my film. From storyboards to character bios and colour schemes – It had everything.

  • Research Portfolio – Emerg & Tech

For this project to be honest no one in my year took it seriously as we were all extremely focused on our Film project they we had no time to work on something else, to be honest it was a silly idea giving us another big project at the same time as another but that’s my University for ya. So the Research Portfolio was designed to be a huge pack of work made by myself and the rest of my group where each member researched a particular topic and then we combined everything together.

As we started this project very late everything was extremely rushed and as I said before none of us really cared for it we just did the best we could.

  • Individual Research Submission – Emerg & Tech

This pack was basically the individual work that I had researched to contribute going into the main pack that my group made. My task was to research on how to design out product, we had a quick idea of making an app which can play popular high end games you would see on PS4 and Xbox – We had to figure out how it would work, what it would look like, how we would sell it etc.

  • Presentation & Grade: C

The presentation wasn’t too bad as myself and the rest of my group all hated having to do presentations so we were all in the same boat. We managed to get through it, mentioned everything we wanted to say and actually received a fairly decent grade considering we originally had 8 weeks to work on this project (during the making of film 1) but was able to create it within 2 days! That’s student life for ya haha


To summarise my second term back at University, everything was abit rushed at the start although myself and partner were able to work well and get an idea going quickly and in the end learning a lot as being Director which I will take on with me forever! If you are interested in starting University, this is an example of what it’s like in terms of modules, units and projects as well as the essays which you will probably always have to do no matter what Uni you attend. For a full review of Term 1 [Click here]

Hope you’re all having a wonderful and beautiful day – Till next time, stay groovy ✌️

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne


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