Where Have I Been?

Hello fellow humans!

Apologies for my absence but over the past few weeks I have been completely focused on University as I have actually been working on my very first (LEGIT) film ~

Very cool, I know right 😉

This post is honestly going to be super short and sweet but I just wanted to cover a few things that have been happening over the passed 4 weeks.

1. I directed for the first time – My very first official film and it’s currently in the post production stage, I’ll be sure to write a blog post explaining all about it. If you’re someone who is looking to go into Film or Media, that blog post would really benefit you! Even drop me a message if you have any questions on my course – I study Digital Film Production.


2. I got a flipping job!! Hurrayyyyy, round of applause *bows* thank you thank you… I finally have one with the help of a company called Digital Futures, they mostly offer apprenticeships but after I applied they realised that my college qualification were too high to be funded by the government so they searched for actual jobs for me instead which is amazing! I’ll probably write up a blog post about it hehe

3. Made a cool video // … Cheeky self promo 😄 Let me know which outfit was your fave!

4. I feel like I’m driving a lot more! Which means I am sticking to my main New Years resolution so I am very pleased, now I just need to progress onto the motor way … hmm aha yeah 😅

5. Being productive and feeling like an adult! I’ve always had this idea that if you’re someone that has a full time job and can drive – Then you’re an adult haha. That’ll be my childish mindset for you but I feel like you never really “Become an adult”, like *POP* now you’re an adult! You simply mature and get on with life and to be honest no one ever really grows up. I currently study ‘full time’ (it’s only 3 days a week), can drive/have a car as well as a part time job doing something I actually enjoy!

That is all from me today but fear not, I shall be back again soon and in a few weeks time it’s Easter so I’ll be free of Uni for 2 weeks!!

Hope you are all having a nice day – Till next time, Stay Groovy ✌️

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne


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