Instagram January Highlights

Hey lovelies! 

Today’s post will be something super quick and simple for you all to read over, which is my Instagram Highlights in January. I’ve decided to make these posts as it’s a way of sharing my Photography and the majority of my photos are taken and made for Instagram. I currently have just over 1000 followers on my account and usually prefer to keep to a theme but it doesn’t come naturally – If I didn’t plan out my photographs it would honestly be a rainbow mess!

Quick note to say –

“Soon I’ll be quite busy with my University work so I just wanted to give you all a heads up, as I won’t be able to post as many blog posts in the next few weeks but I’ll try my best.”



Opalite Plugs.


Posted: 6th January 2017

Likes: 52

Comments: 4


Evergreen Ivy.


Posted: 9th January 2017

Likes: 46

Comments: 8




Posted: 12th January 2017

Likes: 57

Comments: 1



Posted: 16th January 2017

Likes: 45

Comments: 6




Posted: 19th January 2017

Likes: 48

Comments: 2


Graptosedum Aplenglow.


Posted: 23rd January 2017

Likes: 49

Comments: 5


Purple Creature.


Posted: 30th January 2017

Likes: 78

Comments: 9

Hope you are all having a wonderful week – Till next time, Stay Groovy ✌️

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne


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