January Favourites!

Hey Peaches! 🍑

I am starting up my ‘Monthly Favourite’ posts again as I made a few last year but wasn’t as consecutive with my blog posts as I am now, so from this point on I plan to make this a regular post in the month! Lots of exciting things occurred in the month of January, being the new year of 2017 I have a few things to share with you all.

| Music |

Honestly obsessed with so many songs in January! I tend to enjoy the hits music although I would say I lean towards Chill Step, House and EDM. I’ll simply list them below for you all to check them out.

The Weeknd ft Daft Punk – I Feel It Coming

(Official Version on Spotify)

Comment below if you’re loving any of the songs I listed above!

| TV |

The new series of Sherlock Holmes was released on the 1st January 2017 and as I had never watched the show before, it felt like the perfect opportunity to binge watch all 4 seasons including the films starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Well, I have to say I’m completely hooked and now in love… Benedict Cumberbatch ❤

Moving onto an Anime called Avatar: The Last Airbender which I’m sure the majority of you will have seen or heard of before. Adore this show so much, it’s so positive and joyful to watch if you’re ever in a down mood this one will definitely perk you up! Favourite character is probably Sokka because he is always moaning and getting hurt by silly things but it’s honestly so funny, he means well. I am currently at episode 40 and once I’m finished I’ll be sure to check out The Legend Of Korra as it’s meant to be the follow on show from Avatar.

| Purchases |

I bought and received some lovely items over January, first one being my new Camera, the Canon EOS 80D which I’ve already mentioned in previous posts. I managed to get it for £750 which is still crazy expensive but I’m happy that I received an £80 discount, being a student on a Film course and YouTuber it’s something that I was in need of as my precious Canon 600D just turned 5 years old haha!


Next on the list was my new bed which I also mentioned in an older post but finally found the perfect one and at a discounted price too, never knew how expensive mattresses could be! 😲 I’m so happy with it, it’s super plump and squishy so now I can have a comfortable nights sleep.


Lastly, I bought and received some new crystals! They are all so beautiful and I can’t help but stare at them haha, I received a (orange) Citrine crystal from my boyfriend Chris as well as a cute (blue) Aquamarine stone (reminds me of the movie). I bought two crystals online which looks really fancy and actually haven’t arrived yet as they’re travelling all the way from China, although I hadn’t realised till I bought them that they are plain Crystal Clusters but have been painted/modified to look the way they do – Which explains how I managed to get some so cheap 😂 Oopsy…


| Plants |

Recently myself and boyfriend have bought so many new plants (as usual), I honestly don’t know how we still have any space left for them all! Luckily I only bought small succulents, they are really quite adorable and if you’re fellow plant lover like me – You’ll understand ❤️️ Below we have an Aloe, Sedum and possibly 2 hybrids? I believe are Graptosedums but please correct me if you know what each of them are properly called!

That’s everything I wanted to include for my January Favourites, I hope you liked it and be sure to come back next month for my February Favourites! Until next time, Stay Groovy✌️

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne


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