10 Tips For Staying Organised!

Hey Peaches! 🍑

Today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 tips for keeping an organised lifestyle. They are fairly simple but will go a long way, now grab yourself some tea and lets get started.



Every year the majority will purchase a new Calendar, it’s one of those essential items to have in your household. Being able to see the days, weeks and months ahead where you can plan for your friends birthday or note down that dentist appointment. Maybe you’ve just started a new job, you’ll need to make a note of that for sure don’t wanna be late on your first day!



A Personal Diary is like a calendar you can keep on you at all times and put in important dates, on the go. I like to note down the days and times a new blog post is going published as well as documenting what videos I plan to create and upload for my YouTube channel, if I didn’t scribble all this information down somewhere my work would be all over the place.


With a Note Book or Memo Pad you can quickly jot down short lists; whether it’s grocery shopping or making a note of your school work that’s due, it really helps to bullet point the main factors. Writing down lots of  lists can be extremely useful!


Combining the Memo Pad idea with a Notice Board, simply means that you can pin all those lists and bullet point factors onto a board ideally somewhere you’ll see fairly frequently. Mine is placed at the side of my computer so while I’m editing YouTube videos, writing essays or planning my next film I can look up at my notice board and see when all my University work is due.


With the Note Book and Memo Pad you can also convert the lists into “chores” although Daily Reminders sound more encouraging, telling yourself you need to complete a chore probably won’t help you achieve that goal at the end of the day, so tell yourself it’s just a small reminder. Another trick is to put a small box next to the task so you can tick it off as you go along, then without realising it you’ll have ticked off all those boxes and have had a productive day – It’ll feel really rewarding in the end. If you’d prefer noting everything down via your mobile then check out this great app my friend Ana recommended me, to share with all of you!

w w w . w u n d e r l i s t . c o m



Easier said than done but I promise if you keep your room tidy it’s like keeping your mind tidy! You’ll be able to see where everything is and keep track of all the important things, it doesn’t always have to be your entire room you can simply organise your books, phone, computer, pencils, paints, makeup, wardrobe just start somewhere small and slowly build your way up. Day by day (continuously) keeping your work area clean and organised, no one wants to clean up the mount Everest of laundry after 2 weeks?! If you keep on track you’ll be more willing to sort it out.


An obvious one to mention but actually have a decent Sleeping Routine could go a long way, going to bed earlier so you feel fully recharged and ready for the next day! You can also include an Eating Schedule if you’re super keen; making sure you have breakfast, lunch and dinner at roughly the same time each day which is good for your digestive system as it’ll begin to get used to the time that it’s being fed (essentially) your body and mind will thank you for it.


Keeping all of your important files and letters in a decent Storage container is essential for when you need to keep an eye on bills and taxes, although this can also be useful for school and homework as well as organising things that are important to you. For months I used to lay my notebooks flat on the side and they took up so much space until I discovered this (John Lewis £9) Letter Holder one day and it really made a difference to the space on my desk and overall just looks a lot neater which highly pleases my OCD.


As well as keeping your important documents in storage, inside them you could attach Sticky Notes and Labels to name what everything is otherwise you’ll have to dig through all those files to find out what they are, even though they might be in organised slip cases you can’t see what each document is until you flick through. If you’re more on the creative side you can even Colour Code important information or certain things that you need to remember, I find labelling the most helpful so that I know what’s inside a box and don’t have to look inside if I’m looking for something and can’t remember where I’ve placed it, by labelling whats inside you can also find things quicker .

That’s of course if you’ve kept it tidy 😉


This is probably the most important tip I can share with you, throwing things away! All those notes, envelopes, scrap pieces of paper and lists only last so long. If you have completed your daily reminders and ticked everything off, throw the note away as it’ll no longer be of use – Unless of course you know it’ll be helpful in the future.

Being minimal can help a great deal in sticking to a organised and productive lifestyle.


I hope these 10 tips gave you a few ideas on how to stay organised, comment down below if you’re an OCD freak like me haha! Till next time, Stay Groovy ✌️

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne


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