10 Tips For Staying Organised!

Hey Peaches! 🍑

Today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 tips for keeping an organised lifestyle. They are fairly simple but will go a long way, now grab yourself some tea and lets get started.


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How To Be A…


Never stop exploring →

Follow the Moon 🌛

Stay < WILD >

Walk barefoot, listen to the WiNd ~

Always be yourself.

Say YES to new adventures.

Be brave. Be kind. Be curious. ☽


Something cute I discovered while browsing Instagram and Pinterest at three in the morning, I just had to make a lil’ poem themed post about it.

Have a beautiful, magical day! Till next time, Stay Wild ✌

– Thank you for reading –

Emilia Jayne

Anime Review: Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash

For today’s post I wanted to do a review on a recent anime I’ve just completed as it’s still fresh in my mind and thought it would be an interesting topic to talk about.

Oh, I’m only mentioning series one as we’re all waiting to find out if they’ll release a second series!

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Instagram Highlights Of 2016

→ Best Of 2016! ←

Afternoon lovely’s! Here’s a simple blog post about my instagram highlights in 2016 which are also some of my favourite photos.

I currently have just over 1000 followers on my account and received 3,373 likes over 59 posts within 2016. Ideally I prefer to keep to a theme but it doesn’t come naturally – If I didn’t plan out my photographs it would all be a colourful mess!Read More »

University: First Term | Second Year

Hey there, how are you today? 😊

☀️ Lovely of you to stop by my blog it’s always appreciated, grab some tea and enjoy ☀️

This post will consist of my thoughts and experiences during the 1st term back at University! I study Digital Film Production and I am currently in my second year. Side note – I shall warn you that my opinion regarding my course which you’ll read in this post is a little bitter as I personally feel it isn’t quite what I expected although I am persevering with it nonetheless to simply sustain my degree, now that that’s out the way lets crack on!

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