London Zoo Adventures!

Last weekend my boyfriends friend from Amsterdam came to visit, while she was down we showed her round all of London and the typical landmarks which it’s famous for! She really wanted to go to the Zoo so after meeting up with a few of her UK friends we all headed off to the ZSL London Zoo near Regents park. I have been there quite a few times over the years but to be quite honest, who doesn’t love the zoo and all the cute animals *.*

*Quick Tip* If you plan on going with a friend, you can buy a discount voucher which allows you to buy one ticket and get another free! Simply check out this site – It has all of the London attractions you can go see at a discounted rate if you travel via the National Rail!

We arrived at the Zoo and the first area we explored was the Reptiles enclosure, as my boyfriend is currently obsessed with bugs… Boys what can you do aye? I took a bunch of photographs while I was there to get some more Manual camera practice in, as it’s very easy to keep using the Auto mode and still capture a great shot. Using my trusty old Canon 6OOD with a 50mm lens F1.8, one day I will own a F1.4 I simply need that bokeh… ❤

These lil’ froggies were so cute and funny! Some of them were in water tanks and the lil’ guy just kept swimming all the way up to the top and then dived all the way back down, at one point he dived down so quickly I think he knocked him self out when he hit the glass at the bottom, gosh it was a funny sight to see!Read More »


D.I.Y // Up-Cycling Old Things!

For a long time I have had these two very boring old blue bins in my room (yes there’s a smiley face…Idek) and I finally decided to clean them up and decorate them! I wanted to spray paint them using an ombre effect with gold and silver shades, if you feel like there’s something in your room you’ve been wanting to up-cycle or re-decorate for a while now here’s how you can, using spray paints!

I Used:

Bins X2


Spray Paint: Gold & Silver

Gloves (Optional)


*Quick Tip* I wouldn’t advise you to spray paint in doors as the paint can go everywhere and will get on everything along with the spray fumes it’s best to be outside!

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August Favourites ☀ Holiday Edition 2016

Hey Pixies! ✾

I am back with another Monthly Favourites as August has come and gone ever so quickly this year, it crazy how time flies when you’re having fun. As I have just returned from my holiday in Portugal I thought it would be a nice idea to talk about some of the things I loved for the holiday because the month of August for me was pretty much spent away lying on the beach getting covered in sand with my friends. So without further ado’ lets get on with my August Favourites!

| Fashion |

Beach Wear


Consisting of bikini’s, wraps, hats, flip flops and sun glasses we had the lot! As soon as I arrived I realised I didn’t have a good pare of flip flops to wear on the beach so we ventured out and I bought the first comfiest pair I could find and they were truly the best €6 I had spent on my holiday. The sand gets extremely hot and you don’t wanna see 3 loony girls running across the beach yelling “HOT. HOT. HOT!” we attracted all the men… I promise ✌

I purchased a nice new pair of sunnies while I was there and so did Ana (hers were way cooler) they were from a shop/brand called Bijou Brigitte and had so many other lovely things in there. We also had multiple swimming costumes and I wore a bikini wrap so when you come off the beach you can somewhat cover up a lil’, as well as a black crochet bra-let which was perfect to put on after you’ve had enough of the sea for one day and want to dry off and sun bathe till sunset.

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A Series of Interesting Events

From the 5th – 17th of August my boyfriend Chris came to visit, as we live roughly 4 hours apart it’s hard for us to see each other often but we try to as much as we can over weekends and holidays!  __________   [Lil’ bit late on posting this… Oopsy!]


For the evening that Chris travelled down we decided to have a meal at Frankie & Benny’s, as it’s one of my favourite restaurants to go to! My Dad decided to treat us as Chris had previously helped him do some gardening so as a thank you he payed for our meal which was lovely.

We ordered the Garlic Dough Balls to share for starters (I Love Them) then a Bacon & Cheese burger for main, while Chris had a meaty Calzone or as he puts it “A Foldy Pizza” Soo cute haha! For drinks I had my usual Coca-Cola and Chris ordered a cute sparkly pink drink which I believe was watermelon flavour.

Star Trek ♥

We finally got round to seeing the new Star Trek film at the O2 Cinema and of course, it was amazing and lived up to our expectations!


Another edition to the Star Trek franchise is “Beyond” directed by Justin Lin. An unexpected turning point occurs for the crew as they embark on a rescue mission to try and help Kalara, the survivor of an escape pod which drifts out of a nearby uncharted nebula where she claims her ship is stranded on Altamid, a planet within the nebula! The USS Enterprise takes fourth on the mission but what will they truly encounter?



The newest character Jaylah, was amazing! The costume and make up work that was put in to bringing this character to life is incredible. It’s nice seeing a bad-ass female character in films every once in a while. The actress Sofia Boutella did a fantastic job!

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